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Jain Samachar
This is a place to get latest news about Jains, Jainism and related issues. You will see latest news on top, and an archive too.

Eminent Jains
This blog is about active Jains working in the field of social work, animal welfare, spreading vegetaianism, veganism and Jainism, education, upliftment of downtroden people and related fields.

Jainism Articles and Essays
This blog is for scholarly articles and essays on Jainology; i.e. Jainism, Jain History, Jain Philosophy, Prakrit and Sanskrit Languages, Jain Sociology, Archaeology and related subjects. Renowned scholars are writing in this blog, you too can submit your article/essay for publishing here.

Jain Tours
Explore Jain pilgrimage centers and historical places which are generally on high hills. You will enjoy religious tour and adventures at same times. This blog gives you lot of information related to such places. 

The Jain Way of Life
Jainism is a wonderful religion of India. The followers of this religion are called Jains. This blog is for Jain Food Recipes, Jain Names, Jain Stories, Jain Matrimonials and Jain Way of Life!

Jain Encyclopedia
Short details about everything related to Jains and Jainism

Jain Food : Information and Recipes
Jain food is a popular concept in vegetarian world. Jains, followers of the ancient Indian religion Jainism are strictly vegetarian. Further they avoid undergroung vegetables. In this blog, you can find/post Jain recipes and information

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